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Amazing energetic Goodies, all in one box, delivered to your door monthly. 

Crystals, Jewelry, Incense, Oils and so much more to enhance your life and shift your energy. Purchase for yourself, share with your friends, or give a special energetic gift to a loved one!


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We ship around the 10th of each month. Cut off date for the current month's boxes is the 8th.

We offer subscription incentives, including coupons, to say "thank you" for joining us!

We also offer one time gift boxes that ship all month long.


Filled with energy to lift your Soul! 

Each box comes with a "Reiki Energy Charge," designed to fill your box with yummy vies that you will feel the minute you open it!  

We include monthly themed, spiritually-based tools, such as crystals, incense, candles, oils, and jewelry to shift your energy and make your soul smile.


    by Yvette written 14 days ago

I received my first transformation box today. I was truly amazed at the energy enclosed within this box. Positive energy burst out upon opening the box. Each item had its own uniques energy. I was smiling the entire time examining every item. Touching them and absorbing its energy. Multiple items for such a small price. Candles, candies, bath salts and crystals. Great value for price. Ginger really out does herself in these creations. I'm eager to receive the next box. Thank you Ginger. Yvette


by Elizabeth written one day ago

I LOVE this box and everything about it.Everything was so thoughtful and my children even enjoyed it. 



    by Aimee written 19 days ago

I just received my first transformation box today and loved it! Such pretty wrappings and it smelled so nice when I opened the box. There were all sorts of things - incense with holder, a candle, essential oil, chocolates, hand-made bath salts, rose quartz - all thoughtfully put together with a beautiful bath ritual printed on a card. Plus there were VERY nice surprise gifts that I'm so excited to use! Thanks so much Ginger - I'll be looking forward to the next box! :)


Love this box

    by Vanessa written 3 days ago

This is my new favorite subscription box 😍 The candle and bath salts smell amazing everything in box was beautifully put together. Will definitely be continuing my subscription with soulshine❤


    by Elizabeth written 14 days ago

This box has surpassed all other boxes, my best friend and I are subscribed to multiple other boxes and typically we share or trade items from our boxes upon arrival- and honestly nothing in this box have I even considered sharing, I even debated on not telling her I got it- he he. This is definitely a must try. It's extremely well crafted, very detailed, and the items are very much worth the price- THIS IS NOT A CHEAP A BOX excellent quality 10 stars, thank you Ginger!  

by Jamie written 5 days ago

Love every single item in the box! It's like Ginger knew exactly what I need in my life! Amazing! Can't wait to see what she sends next month! So much love in a tiny box :)

Soulshine Mini Cleansing Crate ~ $14.95

What is in it?

 This small but mighty box will be delivered to your home to bring you the best energetic cleansing tools to create peace, harmony and abundance in your home, office or body. We curate sage wands, resin or stick incense, an energetic candle, holy water, directions for use in cleansing with the items we send to you each month. This box makes a great gift for a new business, for new home buyers for anyone trying to cleanse a space and make it their own!

Soulshine Transformation Box ~ $34.95

What is in it?

You will open your box, filled with positive energy, to find intention-filled, themed, curated items to assist you in shining your own beautiful Soul Light! We include an energy-filled candle, an essential oil, a crystal or stone, jewelry, bath soap or salts, and two surprise items to use for yourself or share with someone else. We include a ceremony or mini monthly reading just for you! 

Wild Gypsy Soul Box ~ $29.95

What is in it?

Are you a wild woman, full of creative, gypsy soul ideas and passion?  This box is dedicated to bringing you items to enhance your creative lifestyle, uplift your Wild Woman tendencies and soothe your Gypsy Soul. You will get a monthly box with Bohemian style jewelry, hippie~ boho clothing accessories, Vintage inspired items, music to inspire your heart and soothe your Soul.  We include a bit of gypsy magick as well, with crystals, divination tools, art, and surprise items to make you giggle.


How often will I get this box?

You have options to order a one time gift for you or a loved one, month to month, three months, six months or one year subscription. We offer you incentives to order for an extended amount of time. 

 The Soulshine Transformation Box ships every month around the 10th of each month. Cut off date for the current month is the 8th of each month.

The Soulshine Mini Cleansing Crate ships the 10th as well.  Cut off for ordering is the 8th for this particular box. If you are in immediate need of this crate for ghost or energy issues, you can do a one time order or a monthly subscription option. Cut off for the current month is the 8th.

What's in the box?

 We’re so glad you asked! 

We love to surprise you with a box full of positive energy!

We include a variety of items in the Soulshine Transformation Box:

A piece of jewelry,

A candle filled with good intentions

Incense from around the world

An incense holder

Crystals or stones

A bath product

An essential oil or perfume

A specialized reading based on your lovely energy or a spiritual ceremony to match the theme of the box.

Two surprise gifts to share or keep for yourself.  Each box contains a variety of these items.

Mini Cleansing Crates contains 4 -6 energetic cleansing tools including:

A sage wand,


Sea salt

Cleansing Waters

Bath products to clear your aura

A surprise gift.

We include easy, detailed instructions to guide you through the cleansing process.  Each box is curated with YOU in mind and the items shift every month! 

Wild Gypsy Soul Box contains 4 - 6 Items to honor the magickal, creative gypsy in you!  

We curate bohemian  gypsy-style, bohemian clothing accessories,


Inspired Art

Magickal Candles, Crystals, and Divination items plus surprise gifts to delight your wild soul!  

Refunds & Returns

Subscription Box renew month to month on the 15th depending on your plan.  If you no longer want to subscribe, please visit your page and cancel your subscription.

We do not accept returns or exchanges. If you do not receive your monthly box, we will do all that we can to resolve the situation.

If you order a pre-paid subscription, you will have the option to renew or not.   If you cancel in the middle of your pre-paid subscription, you will get what you paid for and it will end at the end of that paid cycle, not before. You can now skip a renewal by visiting your personal subscription page.

Once your subscription box leaves the USPS we have little control over customs procedures and lost USPS deliveries.  We will do all we can to make sure your package arrives to you safe and sound, but occasionally customs will hold the box or it will get lost.  Please contact us if you do not receive your Box on time.

Our handmade products and energetically based products are designed to enhance your energy and create specific energetic shifts in your life.  All items are made with good intentions, charged with energy and the rest is up to you to create the results you want with our products. We use all natural, organic, best essential oils, salts, body butters and carrier oils for body use. We label all items so you know the contents before use. roducts and energy! 

Thank you for being part of our Soulshine Family!