Soulshine Energetic Products delivered to your door every month!

Easy to order

Simply pick the Soulshine Product that speaks to your mind, body and soul. 

Ships every month

We ship you a new themed box around the 10th of every month.

Fits any budget

Enjoy a monthly, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month pre-pay plan.  Enjoy coupons and flash sales as well.

Awaken Your Soulshine

Soulshine Boxes assist you in enhancing your vibration, raising your intuitive awareness, and helping you to shine so bright!

What are Soulshine Boxes?

We strive to bring you the BEST energetic tools to create love, harmony, and abundance in your life. 

Every month, we passionately curate and create themed energetic items to tuck into your Soulshine Boxes.  We include a selection of 5 - 7 items.

We  include magical items from all traditions, whether it is Wiccan, Angelic, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Christian, Buddhist, or Spiritualist, or Metaphysically based.

Detailed instructions are included to tell you what each item is and how to use it.

We polish it of by wrapping it all up with love and positive energy to ship to you. 

Soulshine Boxes are perfect as a gift for someone else or for yourself!

What's inside the box?


Herbal & Sage wands

Amazing scents of cone, stick & resin incense

The best energetically charged candles.

Essential oil room sprays.

Beautiful crystals & stones.

Various divination tools

Hand- crafted body products

Bracelets, Necklaces and Spiritual Accessories


Soulshine Reviews

 3 months in and very happy

by Hope, yesterday

There is a nice variety of products. I LOVED this month's box with a personalized reading. It was spot on. A handwritten note goes a very long way. The packaging was beautiful, I usually keep and reuse the paper shredding in gift bags. The incense smelled great. The incense holder is very nice as well. I like that everything in the boxes are connected. I can't wait to use my bath soak. I wish the chain for the chakra necklace was a little longer but it's still very nice. I also loveeee the bracelet with the chakra stones.

Awesome box!!!

    by Gretchen written 2 days ago

I am in LOVE with this box!! I got it today. When I opened it , it smelled so good!! Incense, candles, and oil. My room smells amazing!! I got a crystal that is gorgeous! This box is packed full of all things that are good! Information card was so helpful and the box is packaged so nice and obviously done with love! Highly recommend for anybody that wants some sunny soul shine!


by Jean, yesterday

I was extremely excited about receiving my first box...I opened it and was awestruck! It's like they searched into my soul and picked out exactly what I needed! The Chakra Reading was right on point also. I definitely LOVE THIS BOX!!!