It's all about the Energy!


Three months ago, a friend suggested I start a subscription box service to go along with my readings and healing work. I loved the idea, did some research, and got to work designing my subscription boxes. Now I am happy to be here at Cratejoy, offering you a box or crate, to help you shift into a happy mind, body and soul.

I am a Certified Medium and Intuitive Healer for the past 38 years. I love being able to bring you, the subscriber, some positive energy!

Each month I choose items to enhance the Magick in YOU! Your intention, your desires, and your Soul add to the energy of what is included in your box or crate.

So when you receive your monthly subscription, you will be drawn more to certain items in the box.  Know that this is what you need to work with first.  The rest is "frosting," for your journey.

I personally make the herbal creations and cleansing waters, room sprays,incense mixes, and bath products.  All items are charged with a specific intention to match the monthly theme.  All herbal and bath products are organic, using the best essential oils, salts, and herbs.  Ceremonies are designed to release negative blockages and raise up our vibration.

Enjoy this journey of Light and Love, while experiencing the contents of the Soulshine Transformation Box and Mini Cleansing Crate.

Thank you for subscribing! 

Brightest Blessings,

Ginger Quinlan