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Wild Gypsy Soul Box ~ Summer Boho

Wild Gypsy Soul Box was created to honor the magical, wild. creative Goddess in every woman. Each month is themed, with similar items to speak to the heart of the Hippie Gypsy, Witchy, Wild Woman's Soul. You will receive five to seven delightfully curated items including, jewelry, clothing, art, bath & body products, crystals, books, and divination tools as well as detailed instructions and descriptions. Tap into your Inner Goddess, that Wild Gypsy Soul that is uniquely you and treat yourself to this Soulful Box!

Soulshine Transformation Box ~ Shaman

Thank you for choosing the Soulshine Transformation Box. We energetically curate eclectic spiritual items to assist you in transforming various themes of your life. Tucked into your box, you will discover intention-filled, themed products such as Reiki charged, herbal candles, essential oils & blends, crystals, divination tools, jewelry, handcrafted bath products, incense & smudge, clothing accessories, books, room sprays, and tons of positive energy! We include a ceremony or mini monthly reading just for you. Our passion is to enhance your unique, radiant Soulshine!

Soulshine Mini Cleansing Crate ~ Fire Cleanse

This small but mighty box brings you the BEST energetic cleansing tools to create love, harmony, and abundance in your home, office or body. Every month you will receive a selection of items, such as sage wands, resin or stick incense, burners, energy-charged candles, room sprays, crystals, jewelry, bath products, and detailed instructions. We guide you through the cleansing process and the aligning your home back into a positive atmosphere of peace and happiness using the tool we send you. Does your home or office feel heavy or emotionally debilitating? Do you feel the need to clean always and it never feels "clean?" If you find yourself fighting with family members, having money issues constantly, and feeling generally miserable in your living space or work place, this box is for you! The Soulshine Mini Cleansing Crate will help you clear out the negative energy that has collected there. This box makes a great gift for a new business, for new home buyers, or for anyone trying to cleanse a space and make it their own!

Angelic Messenger Crate ~

Angelic Messenger Crate is a monthly subscription designed to bring you closer to the Angelic Realm. You will receive Angelic Themed, Heavenly "goodies" to enhance your spirituality and strengthen your connection to the Guardian Angels watching over you! Connect with your Angels with 7-9 items each month. We include Angelic themed crystals, essential oil blends, heavenly bath products, intention candles, jewelry, angel cads, Jewelry, and statuary. We ship worldwide around the 10th of each month.

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