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Soulshine Transformation Box ~ Yule Surprise Box!

Thank you for choosing the Soulshine Transformation Box. We energetically curate eclectic spiritual items to assist you in transforming various themes of your life. Tucked into your box, you will discover intention-filled products such as Reiki charged, herbal candles, essential oils & blends, crystals, divination tools, jewelry, handcrafted bath products, incense & smudge, clothing accessories, books, room sprays, and tons of positive energy! We include a ceremony or mini monthly reading just for you. Our passion is to enhance your unique, radiant Soulshine! The December Box is has specialty wrapped items, a true gift box of energetic smiles and love!

Soulshine Mini Crate ~ Surprise Winter Solstice!

This small but mighty box brings you the BEST energetic tools to create love, harmony, and abundance in life. For December, we are sending out our most popular gift box, wrapped up, energetic items tucked into your Mini Crate. We are including a magickal selection of 5 - 7 items, such as sage wands, amazing scents of incense, the best energetically charged candles, essential oil room sprays, beautiful crystals and stones, various divination tools, and body products, It is sent with love and positive energy! . We include magical items from all traditions, whether it is Wiccan, Angelic, Christian, Buddhist or Spiritualist based. Detailed instructions are included to tell you what each item is and how to use it. This little crate is loaded with great energy and is perfect as a gift for someone else or for yourself! We ship around the 10th, cut ff date for the current month is the 8th.

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